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Welcome to the Temple of Outsiders, an adventure for 4-6 characters of level 1st to 3rd. By the end of the adventure, beginning characters will find themselves at, or very near, fourth level. This may be used as a standalone adventure, or as the start of the God War adventure path.

There is a war in the heavens between two groups of gods over the fate of mortals. The Followers of Prophecy created a powerful artifact to help them in their struggle. A surprise raid from their enemies forces them to teleport the artifact away to prevent its capture. Something goes wrong: instead of its intended destination in the astral realms, it appears in an ancient temple deep in the jungle.

The power of the artifact begins to draw creatures from many planes to the area. As more and more unusual creatures emerge from the jungle, a nearby community of druids asks the party to investigate. The group is asked to recover a stolen pendant sacred to the druids.

  • 36 New Monsters
  • 10 New Magic Items

For use with 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

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****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Lots to choose from!

****( )

There's a lot to be said about this adventure, If only the fact that there is a ton of new content packed into the space.

That isn't where it stops however, the setting is genuinely interesting and it really gives you a very cool place to start your characters in the world, Especially if you have some primal PCs along for the ride. The temple itself has a very different feel than the adventures I've seen for 4th edition and it makes it really fun to have something other than kobolds to go to. When I picked this up I was looking for a good way to introduce some friends to the game and get them started that wasn't Kots. I've begun running Temple of Outsiders for my friends and we've been having a great time so far.

One of the things I didn't like was more of a personal taste and that was some of the layout graphics, which in the scheme of things isn't much of a big deal.

Initially I also thought that the constant variation of monsters was a bit hard to follow, it didn't seem to all tie together. However, part of the story justifies the randomness of the monsters you face and it's easy enough to add a few creatures to other rooms to bring it all together. Honestly, the ability to choose from so many unique monsters in this mod is a great thing in the end.

It kept my players guessing to the very last.

4th edition rules with a 1st edition feel

This adventure is "4th edition rules with a 1st edition feel." It revolves around a temple which has become host to many strange creatures. Many of these creatures have been attacking the druidic town of Acanthus and the PCs are sent on various missions to the temple. There are three sections of the temple, each devoted to a forgotten god. However, the three sections are magically sealed and each must be opened with a different holy symbol, all found throughout the temple. Once the PCs have completed the adventure, they are then whisked away to their future destiny and presumably to future installments of the God Wars Adventure Path.

There is plenty material here, so whether one is scrounging for monsters, traps, and magic items, or needing a standalone adventure, or running the entire adventure path, one will be satisfied. The monsters are well designed and hark back to the feel of the early days of roleplaying, such as a construct made out of gold coin that releases its coins every time it takes damage, fire toads and a gullywumpus. Such names provoke the imagination.

In general, the product itself is well put together. The art is well drawn for an independent, low-budget product like this one, and enough to inspire the DM’s imagination. The encounters appear similar to WotC’s modules or the “Dungeon Delve” format, but with one added tool: there is information to easily adjust the encounter for smaller or larger groups. Also scattered throughout are various narratives, ranging from creation myths, to anecdotes, to jokes, to stories of legends. These add a bit of fun to the overall product.

There are a few items that could use some improvement. There are moments of logic I don’t agree with, such as Acanthus, apparently a trading town, having no inn. I’m not sure there are enough encounters to get one entirely to 4th level. I also sensed that the background could use more clarity, such as how these creatures are making their way to the temple. Some further background on the temple itself would be appreciated too. However, these are mostly minor quibbles.

The final question is: would I run this adventure? And the answer is yes, and I would have fun doing so. I would need more information about the Adventure Path before I decided to dedicate an entire campaign, but overall this first adventure is a good start.

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