Ave Molech: Lore—Forgotten Mythos (d20) PDF

Ave Molech: Lore—Forgotten Mythos (d20) PDF

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Lore: Forgotten Mythos is a collection of stories, places, monsters and people within the world of Ave Molech, written by aspiring authors and fans of the game. Each of these additions is designed to flesh out the world and will continue to help GMs and players of Ave Molech with ideas for their own campaigns.

While the book can be read without having extensive knowledge of the world of Ave Molech, it does assume some familiarity with the campaign setting. Key words of places, beings and technology are used, though the average reader may be able to grasp their meaning or influence.

While these stories take place in the world of Ave Molech, they were written by fans of the world and some elements in them may vary from what is found within the Ave Molech Campaign Setting.

To learn more about this world or delve into other Morbidgames writings, please visit us at: www.morbidgames.com

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