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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 5th level characters (Tiers: 1–2 and 4–5).

Venture-Captain Dennel Hamshanks sends you to convince an Andoren druid named Hemzel to allow the Pathfinder Society to study his recently discovered lorestone, a minor magical item that unlocks some of the mysteries of the ancient Andoren druid circles. When you arrive and find Hemzel murdered and the lorestone missing, you must race against time to recover the lorestone and stop Hemzel's murderers from using it against the druids of Andoran.

Written by Steven Robert

This scenario is designed for play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play, but can easily be adapted for use with any world. This scenario is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is suitable for use with the 3.5 edition of the world’s most popular fantasy roleplaying game.

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Average product rating:

3.80/5 (based on 19 ratings)

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Outdated and lots of omitted info


I ran this for my home group -- it didn't end well. If you are running this, first off find the updated monster stats (like the one for the gnome warriors for instance) in the GM group scenario thread in the messageboards. Then be prepared to wing it in the final Act as the text didn't do much to describe how it's supposed to play out. Or just choose another scenario to run.

There are good parts, mind you. I find that the monsters are not your typical fantasy RPG staples and it can be fun to run the encounters with unusual monster powers / tactics. The monsters are also thematic. Lots of room for creative players to complete many of the encounters than just 'kill all the monsters and take their stuff'.

Bottom line, can be fun, but don't run cold.

Fun, quick scenario but lacks challenge


The plot of the adventure is engaging, and interacting with fey and forest gnomes allows for a little bit of roleplaying.

Ran this as 1–2 with a party mostly out of tier. As expected there was little-to-no challenge. I'm not sure 2nd-level characters would face any issues. Definitely a scenario for new characters. Can't comment on the higher subtier, which does seems to have meatier foes.

I'd advise that the enemies from Tome of Horrors be replaced with their PFRPG versions to increase the challenge. Note though that the PFRPG version of one monster loses an important spell-like ability that is called out in their tactics.

The monster tactics in the second combat are mostly invalidated by the map (a common theme for season 0), and the final encounter falls a little flat.

An RPG Resource Review


There's a big forest in Andoran called the Verduran Forst, remnant of an ancient and even greater expanse which was cared for by druids unparalleled in their knowledge and lore. It's not surprising that the Pathfinder Society is interesting in acquiring said lore (and any of the riches and other loot the druids supposedly had) although up to now they've not had much luck. Maybe the party will fair better.

Like most adventures, this one starts with the party approaching their objective (in this case, a hut within the forest) with their briefing in a flashback. Apparently a druid from the Verduran Forest was poking around in an archive and following him around and seeing what he was looking at suggests he's got a lorestone... and of course, the Pathfinder Society would love to have it. Pity this particular druid regards the Pathfinder Society as nothing better than a bunch of thieves...

So, the adventures starts after the party has already been trekking through the forest for three days, never mind the time it took them to get there, with the druid's hut in view ahead of them. Of course, it's not as simple as wandering in and asking him. To start with someone else got there first... the party will have to fight faeries and a rat swarm even to get close enough to find out what's been going on, then they have to discover who has the lorestone now and what they want to do with it, and that's just the begining. Time gets tight as they chase after them and get it back, if they can. Oh, and there's a big fire as well.

The maps provided cover the hut and a druid stone circle only, you'll have to come up with the rest of the forest for yourself. Otherwise, resources are reasonable if a bit limited.

This adventure is mostly combat although one encounter could become an interaction or negotiation if the party can manage it. It's pretty linear, but the tight timescale they have to keep to retrieve the lorestone makes that necessary. Overall it is the classic 'two groups after the same item with different ends in mind' situation that drives many a thriller and run well ought to live up to that reasonably.

Another nice jungle adventure


A short scenario easily fit into 3 hours. All combats with one roleplay opportunity.

Running after a burgler that you wouldn't see in normal adventures, well-paced actings, challenging but not deadly combats, highly recommended for casual players who enjoy jungle journies.

Followed with Tide of Twilight, but I think you'll be a little disappointed after playing Morning.

Nice combination of low-level and high-stakes


It's often hard to combine high stakes and realistically leaving it to low-level adventurers. This one does that nicely. There's a good sense of urgency throughout the story.

It's also a good mix of talking and fighting. The fey can be fun to talk to.

The fights themselves are on the tough side with some hard-hitting enemies. I wouldn't recommend doing this with a party of newly made characters; better to have a few wands and suchlike at hand. When we played this with some pregens along those had a rather poor time of it.

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Available June 24th!

I played this scenario in a Slot zero game.

Without giving any spoilers, all I can say is make sure you bring your pots of healing!

The party almost ended up in a TPK in the very first encounter! we (the party) were playing with our dice of ineffable doom while the GM was playing with his Blessed Dice of DM Doom!

Still...quite a fun little scenario.

Sovereign Court

Played this at PaizoCon with a party of five 1st level PCs. Despite being, shall we say, "caught up" in some trees for nearly the entire last encounter, I had a blast with my barbarian. Could be really tough at first level without at least one heavy hitter and one arcanist in the group. Awesome scenario for the ranger/druid types!

Liberty's Edge

Played this at Paizo con on Saturday. The party had a cleric, wizard, rogue, fighter and monk. It was a slow grind. The swarms were hard to beat and the final villain battle took so long I was almost ready to fall on my sword. But I was playing the wizard so I had no sword.

You want a ranger or druid in your party for this one. And yes you want a healer or potions too. I will DM this for my home group and see how it plays with a different party.

I like the storyline and the encounters seem balanced. We did triumph in the end, but the players were exhausted from endless rounds of try and fail.

Sovereign Court


From the posts I'm already looking forward to this one already!

Hopefully there'll be a local convention I can get to, but the rules 'conversion' wil probably happen before then...

(Playing a Dwarf Druid, my Animal Companion is a Riding Dog with m/c Std Lthr Barding).

Paul H

I ran this once for my home group, and then twice at PaizoCon. Each group played through quite differently. All had a challenging time, with some near TPKs (particularly for the smaller home group).

I'd avoid running this with fewer than 4 players (but the 3 person group *did* succeed).

Very exciting, and I had a lot of fun role-playing the NPC's from the introduction forward.

Liberty's Edge

Author question:
Why is this scenario called "Tide of Morning?"

I cant find anything in it to relate to this title.

just curious

Dark Archive

I just played through this at Mace (it was actually my first Society game) and I have to say it was a lot of fun. I actually played up to the 4-5 tier, so my poor little sorc spent a lot of time hiding, but the module seemed very well designed, especially in regards to making sure that all types of characters were useful.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Thanks for the kind words, Jhasper (and others) - I'm the author...

Tom Green wrote:

Author question:

Why is this scenario called "Tide of Morning?"

Tom: sorry to have missed your post before! The "tide" is the...

...morning light in the final encounter.

Paizo Employee Franchise Manager

caelum wrote:
Thanks for the kind words, Jhasper (and others) - I'm the author...

Hey Steven, you're the only Pathfinder contributor missing a biography on the PathfinderWiki! A google search for your name comes up with a lot of stuff that I don't think is about you. Email me at this screenname at gmail dot com and we'll get you set up.

Grand Lodge

Has this scenario been converted from 3.5? As in if I pay $3.99 am I going to have to do the legwork of converting it myself?

Paizo Employee Franchise Manager

Tide of Morning has not been converted to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. As with any 3.5 material, however, only minimal conversion is needed to use the adventure using the Pathfinder rules set.

Liberty's Edge

Where can you find the stats of the monsters referred to as in the Monster Manual? There is no gnome warrior in the Bestiary!

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