Undead States of America: The Zombie War Miniatures Game

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Undead States of America is an exciting tabletop wargame in which players recreate the battles and campaigns of a fictional Zombie War. You are responsible for the refugees that follow you now. Gather your army from wherever you find pockets of resistance. Feed them, arm them, and train them for what is to come while the shambling hordes continue to gather on the horizon.

This isn’t about urban survival anymore.

This is war.

The game has been specially designed for zombie and human armies created from 15mm miniatures, although it can easily be adjusted to bigger or smaller models. While it can be played as a standalone skirmish game, the rulebook comes with two complete campaign games built in three acts, just like a movie. This book contains all the rules needed to fight a complete Zombie War, including human troop units, alternate zombie types, equipment, terrain and modern vehicles.

You may order guerilla tactics or take the war to the unending waves of undead. In the end, you will find your armies of men, women and children surrounded. Only then will find out if you’ve prepared well enough to turn the tide of battle.

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4.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Good overall zombie war...


What I liked about this was the fact it covered a whole war, not just single figures running around in streets. I'm excited to see the expansions they've talked about.

The Exchange


Now, I am not by any strech of the imagination what anyone would call a fan of miniature wargames, but I do loves me some zombies.

I'd like to know more about the game, but I don't even know what questions to ask.

Anyone know if this is newbie friendly?

I have a copy and it seemed newbie friendly to me. It is a very simple miniatures combat system, with more of an emphasis on the campaign. I particularly like trying it with the "alternative" zombie options at the back of the book.

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