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Are your game’s Aboleth Mages under-average? Are your Fire Elementals a bit dim-witted? Are your Mephits not quite as intimidating as they should be? Are your Wights not reaching their full potential?

These are just a few of the monsters in the SRD that have errors in their stat blocks, bringing their mistakes into your game. But now the Cooper’s Compendium of Corrected Creatures series of books fixes the problems you didn’t even know your monsters had.

This critical new series of books by ENWorld staff reviewer and 3.5 rules guru John Cooper presents thoroughly revised and corrected stats for the myriad creatures in the v.3.5 SRD.

    Features of the four Cooper’s Compendium of Corrected Creatures books include:
  • Corrected stats for all the monsters in the v.3.5 SRD, including the appendices on Animals and Vermin, that address often-overlooked elements like skill synergy bonuses, size modifiers, and shapechanging abilities
  • Stat blocks for many official OGL monsters mentioned but not given statistics in the SRD, including the Hound Archon Hero’s Juvenile Bronze Dragon mount, five under the Elf entry, one each under the Gargoyle, Genie, Ghoul, Giant, and Gnome entries, two under the Halfling entry, 16 under the Hydra entry, the Merrow, Half-Orc 1st-Level Warrior, Sahuagin Mutant, Sahuagin Malenti, Scrag, Bactrian Camel, Indian Elephant, Web-Spinner Monstrous spider (seven stat blocks, sizes Tiny through Colossal), and Hunter Monstrous Spider (seven stat blocks, sizes Tiny through Colossal)
  • Improved organization of material, especially items not listed in the proper order
  • “Cooper’s Comments” sidebars throughout explaining particular changes and giving guidance on how to effectively reflect them in the game

These books are designed to be an invaluable resource for OGL game masters, players, and publishers alike. They are fully bookmarked and designed to be printer-friendly and easy-to-use.

Incorporating all official errata as well as corrections for errors that went unnoticed until now, this book presents the monsters from the SRD as they should be. Fix up your foes and run a better game with Cooper’s Compendium of Corrected Creatures!

This bundle includes all four of the books in the Cooper’s Compendium of Corrected Creatures series.

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4.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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I love this.. I can't believe someone took their time to go through every monster entry, de-constructing each one and fixing their mistakes. I am going to enjoy this product thoroughly. Reason for not being 5 stars: One of the monster entries has more than 20 HD, and it was corrected as per epic rules; however, this (to my knowledge) was the only monster that got this treatment, as all other monsters (that i saw) with 20+ HD didn't incorporate these rules.

Dark Archive

So, I have a question, and I've put it in a spoiler just in case:


In the comments for Frost Giant Jarl, the author realized that creatures with more than 20 HD follow the rules for advancing BAB and Saves according to the Epic rules. However, when looking for the changes in other creatures (Dragons with 20+ HD, Tarrasque, etc.), they did not include this change. Why were these others left out, and Jarl the only one changed?


Haven't seen the product, but I would guess because the jarl is classed, versus straight monster levels.

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David Schwartz wrote:
Haven't seen the product, but I would guess because the jarl is classed, versus straight monster levels.



It's explained that monsters should follow the epic rules, regardless of what made it more than 20 HD. This is what has me confused, if that's the case, why weren't the other monsters changed to reflect this?

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