Scrolls of Power—Hebrew (d20) PDF

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An ancient evil rises...
Dark scrolls containing powerful rituals were discovered in the shadow mountain. The servants of the Banished God are in pursuit of the scrolls, and their success threatens a new chaos war—will you be able to stop them?

Struggle against Chaos...
The Scrolls of Power adventure takes place in the Storm Isles Campaign setting, fitting both veteran and fresh players. The plot will lead you in between the bustling streets of Freehold, into the wild and under the ground. The characters will need to overcome a variety of challenges, including fierce battles, dungeon exploration, investigation and diplomacy. You will also find in this book an in-depth description of Freehold, the largest city in the stormisles, full of plots and mysteries.

The adventure is for party levels between 2 to 4.

Note: This product is in Hebrew.

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