WARMACHINE: Rhulic Warcaster Gorten Grundback

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Gorten Grundback is a dwarven mercenary who brings Rhulic warjacks and a mighty command of stone and earth to the battlefield for the right price. He can invoke walls of rock to rise from below or beleaguer the enemy with crashing waves of stone and soil.

Available for the first time in a blister, Gorten Grundback advances through battle as a solid block of muscle and armor, wielding his weapon Forgehammer in one hand and a double-barreled pistol in the other.

Gorten Grundback comes in a blister (PIP 41071). Gorten will work for Cygnar and Khador as well as the mercenary contracts The Four Star Syndicate, The Highborn Covenant, and The Searforge Commision. A player may field one Gorten Grundback in his Mercenary or faction army.

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