WARMACHINE: Warcaster Magnus the Traitor


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The war criminal called Magnus the Traitor is among the most wanted men in the known world. With a broken body and will of iron, he wages a vendetta against Cygnar, his former homeland. Magnus finances his private war with mercenary contracts, spending the bulk of his spoils on supplies to keep his battlegroup running. He is infamous for his callous disregard for life, and his services are retained only by the desperate and the ruthless.

Available for the first time in a blister, Magnus the Traitor is ready to lead his custom warjacks against any who stand in his way!

Magnus will work for Cryx, Khador, and the Protectorate of Menoth as well as the mercenary contracts Magnus' Agenda and The Four Star Syndicate. A player may field one Magnus the Traitor in his Mercenary or faction army.

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