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This supplement for the 3.5 version of the world’s most popular role-playing game and Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved presents 12 new magic items focusing on the ideas of tailor-made characters, one of the major themes of Arcana Evolved and the Lands of the Diamond Throne. These magic items help to cement the themes of the complex and customizable races and classes unique to AE system.

Items Evolved offers a simple reference format that includes read-aloud text descriptions for each magic item. It also includes object loresight information for each magic item specific to the Lands of the Diamond Throne campaign setting, along with Lore DCs to help provide greater meaning and depth to your next game.

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4.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Disclaimer: The reviewer was given a complimentary copy for review. Furthermore, this is not a play test review.
Items Evolved: Races and Classes, by Rite Publishing, is a product that showcases 12 new magic items for use in an Arcana Evolved game as well as your usual D20 setting. Within the slim and artfully done 8 pages, holds a myriad of details about these unique items.

The items are broken down into the following sections:
*Price, Body Slot, Caster Level, Aura, Activation, Weight: Simple D20 statistics that govern how the item was created, where it’s located on the paper doll, and other basic details of the item
*Lore: This gives the PC a chance to learn who made this, where it was last seen, and other flavor text to help flesh out this item to make it special.
*Abilities: What the item does, this can range from simple armor that gives the wearer DR all the way to use of racial/class abilities one more time per day
*Prerequisites: What you need to use or create the item
*Objet Loresight: More detailed information about the items past ownership, creation, even a special name that it was given.
What I like
Each item is wonderfully detailed with a history of where it came from. Some talk about races or cities that would have an item. This gives the PC a feeling of owning a part of history, something rare and special that very few have.

An example:
The Cloth of the Runecaster’s Robe, known as “Dachrin Glyphcloth” in Faen, and “Pobon Yobolat “ or “Mark of the Flesh” in Draconic, were created when a Shuyarn (commonly called a rune angel) touched the cloth of robe that was a gift from the Observance of the Diamond Throne.

DMs are always clamoring for more information to feed their players and players always want to know if their item is special and unique. Flavor text combined DCs to help the players learn a bit more with every time they research where their item came from.
What I didn’t like
The only complaint I have is a quip and that I

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