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This supplement for the 3.5 version of the world’s most popular role-playing game and Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved presents 11 new magic items focusing on the ideas of opposition, one of the major themes of Arcana Evolved and the Lands of the Diamond Throne. These magic items help to cement in characters the significance that conflict is more complex than good vs. evil and law vs. chaos.

Items Evolved offers a simple reference format that includes read-aloud text descriptions for each magic item. It also includes object loresight information for each magic item specific to the Lands of the Diamond Throne campaign setting, along with Lore DCs to help provide greater meaning and depth to your next game.

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4.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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The Items keep evolving...


This new delivery by Rite Publishing on their series “The Magic Items Evolved” proves to be an indeed very useful 3.x tool, especially if placed within the context of The Diamond Throne® Campaign Setting (DT).

In simple words, it provides the player/DM with 13 new magical objects of various levels (from 4th to 23rd), which are thoroughly described in order to fit in the DT Campaign Setting, as well as any other fantasy setting with some tweaks.

All entries present interesting options for players and DMs alike. In the case of players, the items supply their characters with new, powerful additions to their arsenal. For DMs, it makes available magical items which can be placed in the context of any ongoing campaign and become central in its story—if the DM wishes so!—mainly because they are described in such great detail that they cannot be overlooked.

Now, if the items are used in the context of a DT campaign their usefulness is even further increased, thanks to the use of the special feature “Object Loresight”. With this characteristic, the PCs may discover very interesting historical facts about their items, which are related to the DT information provided in Arcana Evolved® by Malhavoc Press, adding depth and narrative usefulness to very powerful and interesting items. This narrative advantages provide characters with both blesses and curses (literally, in some cases)

All in all, a nice and useful addition to any 3.x DM/player—and a definitely useful tool for any Diamond Throne® DM/player—for only $1.75 here at

I just wanted to Thank Felipe Real for taking the time to do a review.

Steve Russell
Rite Publishing

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