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This supplement for the 3.5 version of the world’s most popular role-playing game and Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved presents 10 new magic items focusing on the idea of oaths, one of the major themes of Arcana Evolved and the Lands of the Diamond Throne. These magic items help to cement in characters the significance of that which lies within themselves.

Items Evolved offers a simple reference format that includes read-aloud text descriptions for each magic item. It also includes object loresight information for each magic item specific to the Lands of the Diamond Throne campaign setting, along with Lore DCs to help provide greater meaning and depth to your next game.

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4.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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In a magical world where the swearing of oaths takes on a greater significance than the mere given word of an honourable man, it is likely that magic items connected with oaths would be created. In this work, several such items are described in considerable detail, sufficient for you to pick them up and use them in your game with little need for further work except to meld them more closely into your own plotline. This assumes your game is set within the world of Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved, you might need to change some things if your game is set somewhere else.

Each item is in some way connected to oath-taking, and they range from mildy interesting to very useful, powerful or downright scary. There's an earring which can tell you the last oath sworn by whoever you are talking to, for example, and a stone which operates as a kind of death pact: if a member of a group who have sworn an oath over it is dying the rest of the group is summoned to his location. An interesting one is a scroll that acts as a kind of magical Most Wanted list, continuously updated as notorious criminals are brought to book (or someone commits an even more heinous crime!).

All are well presented in a practical and useful manner, and serve to enhance the specific flavour of the Arcana Evolved setting by working directly with it. Many of the items can either be woven into your existing adventures, or may even spawn a plotline of their own when you study them.


Items Evolved: Oaths, is a 10 page pdf. Layout is a standard two column with each item section nicely organized.

Each of the ten items has a short, but specific, background, and powers that deal with oaths, a prominent theme in the Land of the Diamond Throne.

The items are interesting and unique. The Olive Branch of the Dove-pledged, for example, adds a bonus to its wielder's non-damaging attacks. It was created in the Citadel of the Dead Gods, providing both an adventure hook and tie to AE rarely seen in most fantasy rpgs today. Unfortunately, the reverse is true as well, since it makes it more difficult to drop an Evolved Item in a non-AE campaign.

Arcana Evolved campaigns will love the items, so linked they are to the unique setting. Non-AE campaigns, though, may not benefit as much unless either the GM is willing to adapt them to their campaign or use Items Evolved: Oaths as a source of ideas. For the price, a buyer can't go wrong.

I wanted to thank Joela for taking the time to do yet another insightful review.

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