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Next on the cavalcade of upcoming PARANOIA releases is Alpha Complex Nights 2, a pair of lengthy missions revolving around giving your players enough rope to hang... er, I mean lots of authority and responsibility.

Viva La Revolution: The Troubleshooters find themselves trapped in YUC Sector when a revolution overthrows The Computer. To survive, they must adapt to a strange new world where The Computer is the enemy, traitors are the good guys, and… well, that’s actually the full extent of the changes, apart from the greater incidence of food shortages and public executions. You never appreciate Friend Computer until it explodes in a shower of sparks…

The Communist Cafeteria Conspiracy: A sector-wide panic over a Commie Mind-Control Ray and the machinations of an ambitious high-clearance citizen combine to give the Troubleshooters control over a prestigious cafeteria. They’re supposed to use it to track down the nefarious Commie Mind-Control Ray, but they get caught up in the usual problems of running a cafeteria—assassins, artillery emplacements, mutant uprisings… you know, the usual.

With entirely new ways to terrify and provoke extreme responses from players, what Games Master would not take advantage of the great new missions within?

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