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"Welcome to Himmelveil! There's many a sight to see here, but watch your step! The bustle of the crowds can be pretty overwhelming. People coming and going at all hours, day and night, and every last one of them has a story of their own."

Continuing in our line of paper miniatures, Citizens of Himmelveil combines the talents of Matthew Cuenca, Bob Cooper and Joel Sparks. Here you will find two classes of citizens, the hard-working merchant class (from a baker and an ever-present barmaid to an overly-enthusiastic weapons dealer) and the ever-plotting noble class: a priest, a prince, a duke, fair maiden and foul blackheart... and that's just the beginning! Every miniature in Citizens of Himmelveil is highly detailed, full colour, and allows for two different basing options: a quick simple basing system or an advanced (more flexible) one.

And there's more! Within, you will also find a fully detailed booklet containing full d20 statistics for each of them. What's more, you will also find detailed and unique character bios... their goals, their dreams, their motivations... a quote to help you get in character, and a hook to involve them with your adventuresome PCs. You'll find plenty of ideas and inspiration for your games there! All the characters in Citizens of Himmelveil can go right from your printer to your d20 gaming table, and there's more than enough background to take them anywhere else you'd care to.

Want even more? Lady Liselle's Masque is a short adventure that hangs together nearly a dozen of the various, seemingly unrelated plot hooks into a story of plotting, double-dealing, and perhaps even murder that involves nearly every one of these unique characters.

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    Citizens of Himmeiveil includes the following:
  • Albert Gherek, the Carpenter
  • Gerard Henne, the Fisherman
  • Stephanus Reynier, the Blacksmith
  • Elle Mathies, the Harlot
  • Arnekina Zevaris, the Madam
  • Borchard Loef, the Weapons Dealer
  • Mineta, the Barmaid
  • Allard Detmer, the Barkeep
  • Aysel Desalah, the Cloth Merchant
  • Berta Wyte, the Baker
  • His Grace Lord Ranforth Verdnotten, Duke of Black Erne
  • Her Grace Lady Felicia Verdnotten, Duchess of Black Erne
  • Master Iameson Verdnotten, their 15 year old son
  • Mistress Prima Verdnotten, their 13 year old daughter
  • Father Miles Tocsin, senior cleric
  • Lady Ariana d'Elimbra
  • Lady Liselle Foxworthy of Haubrecht Manor
  • Johann Tamarillo, Scion of Nilfausen
  • Tilly Porter, Maid of All Work
  • Lars Broodbakker, Footman

There's also booklet containing assembly instructions, full d20 statistics and character bios, a handful of new magical items, and a master plot that interweaves the character hooks for many of these characters into a single storyline!

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Silver Crusade

Oh man.

Anyone here tried this line of items yet? How did they work out for you? Are the minis "double-front" sided or do they have a front and a back?

The adventure/hook material is a surprise, and a pleasant one.

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

Mikaze wrote:
Are the minis "double-front" sided or do they have a front and a back?

The artwork is only on the front; the back is black, with the name of the figure in white.

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