Pathfinder Chronicles: Into the Darklands (OGL)

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Pathfinder Chronicles: Into the Darklands (OGL)
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At the World’s Core

Another world is hidden below—a world that slumbers under the foundations of mortal cities, dreams below the deepest roots of the oldest forests, and plots in hidden places as far below as the mountains are high. These endless caves have many names. Cold Hell. Evernight. The Hunting Grounds. Yet to those who dwell within they are known as the Darklands.

Into the Darklands explores this mysterious and deadly realm of caverns and secrets, from the numerous hazards that plague the deeps to the strange and sinister races that dwell therein. Within these pages you will find maps of the major entrances to the Darklands throughout Golarion’s Inner Sea region, as well as dozens of locations hidden within three distinct realms of the deep. Tables to determine random dangers and wandering menaces, new languages and exotic hazards, and all manner of monsters, including the degenerate morlocks, the wormlike seugathis, the destructive vemeraks, the blood-drinking urdefhans, and the sinister serpentfolk await discovery within!

Just remember—in the Darklands, the night lasts forever, and the denizens of the depths never sleep.

The perfect companion to the Pathfinder Second Darkness Adventure Path! This comprehensive 64-page sourcebook provides an overview of the cavernous realms below the surface of the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-140-4

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Average product rating:

4.00/5 (based on 9 ratings)

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Excellent on all counts


As another reviewer said, there simply wasn't enough but you get enough for the asking price.

The separation of three different Underdarks was well done, as was the reimagining of the derro, deep gnomes, drow and druegar.

Lots of great ideas that could easily flesh out the more classic D&D Underdark and as such is useful even for those not running Pathfinder.

There is a picture of an aboleth that is simply "gorgeous" in that it is genuinely creeping as all hell.

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One more monster-related question:

Where can I find the Ecology section of the Urdefhan statblock in the back? I'm guessing the most relevent bit for me is Advancement (which I suspect will read, 'by character class, Fighter is Favored Class').

Thanks for any help.


That's what I'd do.

Given that this is a 3.5 OGL product, is there a pure-Pathfinder conversion floating around?

-The Gneech


Not officially, no.

Though the intellect devourer is in the PF Bestiary. And the urdefhan's sword is updated to PF in Adventurer's Armory.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Neothelids are in the Bestiary, too.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

John Robey wrote:

Given that this is a 3.5 OGL product, is there a pure-Pathfinder conversion floating around?

-The Gneech

Morlocks showed up in the Bestiary; the other four new monsters will appear in Bestiary 2.

James Jacobs wrote:
John Robey wrote:

Given that this is a 3.5 OGL product, is there a pure-Pathfinder conversion floating around?

-The Gneech

Morlocks showed up in the Bestiary; the other four new monsters will appear in Bestiary 2.

Excellent, thanks!


Liberty's Edge

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Rather than see a PFRPG update to this book, I think a set of 3 new books, one for each layer of the darklands would be nice (though, preferably, not all at once - February is already smiting my wallet). Just covering one segment at a time could also give you room to bring some crunch into play, though I understand you want to avoid the nuclear proliferation of (prestige) classes that was classic 3.5. Perhaps some iconic magic items. I'm still in love with the flesh-implanted ioun stone idea from the first PFAP series, and it would be keen to see some underused items from the core book get a cultural and mechanical update in the darklands.

Beyond that, I'd love to hear some of the crazy things from real-world caving get brought in. Recent discoveries in Earths caves include:

* The role that "bacterial snots" play in cave formation:
* Crustal bacteria and other life forms live in compressed, heated water that has been isolated from the rest of the Earth for millions of years:
* Superman the movie's fortress of solitude exists:
* Our caves are extremely deep... much deeper than we used to believe: orld/1185

In terms of mapping... that's the hardest part. Caves are inherently more 3D than anything we deal with on a regular basis. How do you accurately portray that? Can you ever have a map like the Inner Sea map that conveys the scope and breadth of the Darklands without feeling myopically 2D?

I know this is some thread necromancy, but I just picked this book up and I have to say, WOW. Thank you Mrs. Jacobs and Vaughan for exemplary, evocative, and thought-provoking work. This book is a pleasure to read and will be a pleasure to use in my games.

Casting Raise Thread on account of the just announced sale.

Can anyone who has this tell me a couple of things:

1) Does this have substantially more information than the Inner Sea World Guide's entry on the Darklands?

2) It mentions maps of the entrances, but are these detailed maps? Just dots on a copy of the Inner Sea World Map? Are there other maps inside?

Thanks in advance!

1) Inner Sea World Guide - 4 page entry. Into the Darklands - 64 pages long. YES!!

2) The maps show the various levels of the Darklands, with a map of the Inner Sea region overlaid, which has dots showing the entrances, as well as markings of places of note in the Darklands.

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure, Card Game, Companion, Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

I would just add that this is an ultra-cool book. What Gregg H. said above is right on the money. I would like to see more of its elements explored in APs, scenarios and modules.

Nice, thanks guys (especially Kajehase). Sounds like this is a bargain I can't afford to pass up!

Shadow Lodge

I want to run a Darklands campaign, I take it that even though this is 3.5, it is very useful?

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

Oh, yeah, it is. Just kind of wish it had a little more specific details, but other than that, most of the stuff in it has been updated in other products (such as the Underfhan being in the 2nd Bestiary), and its good overall of explaining both the feel of a Darklands campaign, and the maps are (as far as I can tell) up to date and accurate still...

do they have a statblock for the grimlock in this book ?


There is not, though you can get the 3.5 version of the Grimlock right here at

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Or: use morlocks from the Bestiary. They're what we use instead of grimlocks these days.

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path, Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

Sorry to necro an old thread but, would this book be the original to the Darklands Revisited?

H2Osw wrote:
Sorry to necro an old thread but, would this book be the original to the Darklands Revisited?

Not really.

This book gives an overview of the geography, adventure sites/hooks, civilisations and such of the Darklands.
Also, it was released at around the time when Paizo was switching from 3.5E rules to Pathfinder itself (or then abouts). So there may be a few details that might have changed since then, as well as some rules that mmight need updating...

The Darklands Revisited book that's just been released is part of the Revisited line, which deals with a selection of 10 monsters/races and then does "ecology-style" chapters on each (complete with a statted example). Of course, new information about specific places or aspects of the Darklands might be mentioned, but only in context of the races/monsters featured.


  • Into the Darklands = setting specific information (geography, civilisations, monsters, etc).*
  • Darklands Revisted = specific ecology/society information on 10 Darklands races/monsters.
*Caveat: Some ideas may no longer be current.

Hope that helps.

BTW Into the Darklands is a good book!

Carry on!


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