War of the Burning Sky Campaign Guide (d20) PDF

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This free supplement is designed for GMs running the War of the Burning Sky Campaign Saga. It is not intended to be read by players. Players should instead download the Player's Guide.

War of the Burning Sky is a high fantasy campaign saga that thrusts the player characters into a war of mythic proportions.

Ever-escalating conflicts, powered by mighty magic and fervent faith, threaten the heroes' freedom and lives, and even the world itself.

Prepare to orchestrate a magic-powered war with the story, background, and rules material in the War of the Burning Sky Campaign Guide.

War is coming: what happens next?

    In this free download, GMs will find:
  • A detailed overview of the entire campaign saga
  • A timeline for the War of the Burning Sky
  • Details on how to run abridged campaigns dealing with only part of the saga
  • Advice on tweaking the saga to fit into your own, or another published campaign setting
  • Suggestions for expanding the campaign with numerous hooks for side plots and adventures
  • Rules material covering magic items, alternate class abilities, special feats, new monsters such as the trillith, and more

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