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This is the complete unabridged version of the Castles & Crusades Players Handbook. This Fantasy Role Playing Game is what so many other FRPGs claim to be: it's simple to learn—even a novice can master the attribute check system in just a few minutes; it's easy to make out characters—15 minutes or less.

The Players Handbook is one of two books needed to master and run fantasy role playing games. (Castles & Crusades: Monsters & Treasure is also available.) The first part of the PH is dedicated to the player, and contains the rules to play, character creation, races, classes, spells and more. The second part of the PH is dedicated to the game master, whom we call the Castle Keeper.

You don’t know it yet, but you're already familiar with Castles & Crusades. This game has the usual 13 classes, the usual 7 races, the same spells, equipment etc. However, it is unified under one driving mechanic: the Siege Engine. Our simple attribute check system allows for all non-combat related challenges to be resolved quickly and easily with the minimum of fuss. Guidelines are given but your imagination is the limit. The power of the game returns to the Castle Keeper and the quick-paced action and riddle-solving fun returns to the players.

C&C invites any style from high fantasy to the dark and gritty. You’ll set the tone for your game.

Download this amazing resource and you will be catapulted into a gaming world that is both easy and fun, with all that was good in the old-school style combined with logic of the new.

Leave behind the editions—join the Crusade!

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Some one please tell me more. I am looking more and more outwards of my d&d bubble for fantasy gaming. What sets C&C apart?

Haven't played, but it's my understanding that it's "rules lite:" you pretty much pick one of 4 classes, and then play. That's all the character creation you have to do; no selection of skills, feats, prestige classes, or any of that stuff.

This is looking better and better.

Go to and click on Forums to ask questions of those of us who have been playing it. I have been for almost two years now.

Plus tells you a bunch of the products, etc...

Just realize that despite the CKG being called a "core book", you don't need it to play.

Converting 3E to C&C is pretty easy. You can even convert feaats and the skill system if you wish.

Conversion of 3E, the way I do it, is a process of "cutting off the fat" to get what you want out of whatever it is your converting.

Anyways, come join our forum and we'll be happy to help you find out if C&C is something you want to play.

Its a great little system, it is based off OGL 3.5 somewhat, you can even use 3.5 modules and Monster manuals with minor adjustments. The saves are a bit different though, your primaries have a base of 12 to save and your secondary stats have a base 18 to save, same for skill like abilities for the classes, there's also more than for classes, they also have Knight as a class which I like, the levels are unlimited but most are listed only up to 10 to 13 or so but give you what you need to continue on after that. It has a AD&D 1e & D&D 3e feel to it, without allot of bogged down rules.

The Last Rogue wrote:
Some one please tell me more. I am looking more and more outwards of my d&d bubble for fantasy gaming. What sets C&C apart?

I own the books, they are well written, the rules are flexible and light with plenty of room to make it your own.

I truly love the classes, the bararian is well done, the ranger is the best one since 1st ed, the knight is excellent, on whole they really did well with the classes. It uses a 12/18 skill system and save system(Think they call it the seige system). You have prime stats (2 for non-humans, 3 for humans). Saves vs. prime stats require a 12 saves vs non-prime requrie an 18.

It is far more 1st ed then anything else. And it is well done. Gary even wrote some house rules for multiclassing for it you can get off their website.

To me it is a tribute game published out of love and with much respect for 1st ed. A good system, though not great, but it will bring you back to the old days in a very improved yet still feels the same way.

It would probably also be helpful to know that they have a free "Quickstart" PDF available at RPGNow, etc... that covers the rules basics so you can start getting an idea about the actual rules, etc... from that.

When you fully "get" what the SIEGE engine is all about you'll find a game that abstractly handles everything, skills, things that 3E has feats for, etc... Just instead of having lists of all those things you tell the game master what you want to do, they decide how difficult the challenge level should be, and you roll. If you succeed you do it, get the bonus to a follow up action, maximize/extend/enlarge/alter your spell, etc... all without having to have books with lists of feats, skills, etc... telling you how and when you can have the ability to do all of these things.

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