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Hungry Little Monsters is a compilation project initiated by Sean K Reynolds to be a charity fundraiser for, a program to help feed the hungry.

Hungry Little Monsters features 43 new monsters (each approximately one page long) for the d20 system. The theme for this book is "monsters for which you can use existing miniatures or tokens." Rather than a collection of bizarre-anatomy creatures that you can't represent with anything on your miniatures shelf or in a store, this book is full of creatures which you can represent in play with commonly available miniatures or tokens. This is set up by a series of monster archetypes—corpses (skeletal or zombielike undead), fiends (your typical bat-winged demonic or devilish creature), humanoids, oozes, spirits (bodiless undead), and so on.

This book is authored by volunteer members of the RPG industry, including Sean K Reynolds, Dave Mattingly, Matt Forbeck, Scott Bennie, and Ed Greenwood, as well as a dozen other established game designers. Likewise, the editing, art, and typesetting is donated as well. Hungry Little Monsters is created entirely on volunteer time. The game material in the book is entirely open game content as defined by the Open Gaming License.

All proceeds from this book were donated to

A special thanks to typesetter Jeffrey Visgaitis who spent more time working on Hungry Little Monsters than any other contributor. Jeffrey, you went the distance for this project, and if it weren't for you it never would have been finished.

About the Cover Artist: Brooklyn-based illustrator Gerald Lee went through college thinking his soon-to-be mentor Tony DiTerlizzi was in fact a girl. Fortunately, Tony was amused by this mistake and agreed to take Gerald as an apprentice. Gerald has a certain knack for meeting great artists throughout the industry and applying what he learns from them (through trial and error and a lot of imagination) to his own art. Expect to see a lot more from his drawing board.

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5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Awesome Resource


This book is amazing. I am going to print this out and spiral bound it and I can see It taking a very prominant place in my monster resources, right after Tome of Horror and right before Fiend Folio. My only qualm was that I wanted it to be longer, what with all the great writing and stuff, but considering how much you're getting for that price it is allready a fabulous deal. I really look forward to anything else SKR writes, and I especially hope he does more monsters!

Sovereign Court

So, any chance of a PFRPG version of this - I'd be happy to give a bit to charity in exchange for an update of these fabulous beasties.


I really don't have any time in my schedule right now to update this to PFRPG, but all of the material is Open, so perhaps the community could do something about that...?


After a long hiatus, this book is available again, FOR FREE. Check it out! And if you can throw a few dollars to, please do so!

Sean K Reynolds wrote:
After a long hiatus, this book is available again, FOR FREE. Check it out! And if you can throw a few dollars to, please do so!

I loved doing this project if you ever do another one, count me in!

P.S. Sean I still wear my t-shirt!

Ashen Hound is endearing in a way. It's a necromancer's best friend. The aura of fatigue is pretty nasty too!

The ethereal lasher is nasty. It can bring you to the ethereal plane and you're alone with it until you can break the grapple.

The skinner ooze is pretty disturbing. Although, I think the Canker Zombie beats it out for disturbingness.

The xaon are a really cool concept. Is there anything like that in PF? Especially the emotions bipolarity.

I had forgotten just how far we've come in monster organization in their stat blocks.


Cheapy wrote:
I had forgotten just how far we've come in monster organization in their stat blocks.

I was thinking the same thing.

Part of me wants to reorganize it to make it use the PFRPG format.

But that would also require redesigning them for PFRPG... and that makes me slink away quietly... :)

Well, it looks like at least one guy would like to help again!

Scarab Sages

This book was well worth the price before it was a freebie. Everyone should snap this up!

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