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Curse of the Moon is a d20 sourcebook about lycanthropes, with a particular focus on a simpler lycanthrope template (with a much smaller level adjustment) and ways of customizing a lycanthrope's abilities. Curse of the Moon provides options for lycanthropes and lycanthrope hunters, with new feats, spells, and magic items focused on the theme of lycanthropy. Rather than delving into specifics of lycanthrope culture, history, and religion, Curse of the Moon focuses on game mechanics, giving new options for this complex and often rules-troublesome group of creatures.

  • New lycanthrope templates including the simple lycanthrope, fey lycanthrope, and cursed lycanthrope
  • New feats including Celestial Lycanthrope, Lycanthrope Heir, and feats for animal movement, animal special abilities
  • New spells
  • New moon deities, including those from real-world mythology
  • Variant aversions and vulnerabilities to silver
  • Alternate alignments for lycanthropes
  • Effects of the Astral Plane on lycanthropy

52-page PDF

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I got this at the pdf sale. I browsed through it last night. I like it a lot. I also was surprised to see how long it was, I figured like 10 pages, it's more like 50. I am going to offer one of my players a chance to use one of these templates in the game I am currently running.


Woo! :)

I actually didn't expect it to turn out that long when I was writing it, but more and more stuff came up and I had to cram it into the book.... :)

Sean K Reynolds wrote:

Woo! :)

I actually didn't expect it to turn out that long when I was writing it, but more and more stuff came up and I had to cram it into the book.... :)

It is a good book. I prefer a simplier take on werecreatures than the template im the MM. I have adapted a lot of the ideas for my d20 modern game.

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This product looks right up my group's alley; we've been looking for ways to add lycanthropy to our campaign without the overly complex (IMO) Monster Manual rules.

Sean, my only question is, do you feel that the book balances well with what you know about the forthcoming Pathfinder RPG rules? I understand that it should be rules compatible but do you feel it will balance well with the new classes/races?


I plan to give it a strong look and post anything that I think needs updating to PFRPG, but right now I can't recall anything specific that you couldn't update on the fly or use as-is.

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Oh yeah, I love this book!

This book would be perfect if there was a were-raccoon.


There isn't one pre-statted in the book but the rules are quite flexible about letting you build whatever kind of animal lycanthrope you want.

Scarab Sages

I'm getting this to add to my Carrion Crown game. With all the different tribes, each one will have something unique other than size and color. Even though it's been around a while, I found this just in time.

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