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The Monroe Inn, on the North Shore of Massachusetts, has had a long history of ghost sightings. These hauntings date back to a shipwreck that happened within sight of the inn over a hundred years ago. The spirits have haunted the staff and guests ever since, and it has always been good for business... until now. Something has caused the spirits to act up and lash out at the guests. The Foundation for Paranormal Investigation has been called in to investigate what may be their most chilling case yet!

Ghosts of the Lady Grace is a creepy adventure that plays much like the TV show Ghost Hunters, where the characters get to set up their cameras, turn on their audio recorders, kill the lights and start hunting ghosts! Of course, this time the cast is in for a surprise they might not survive!

Ghosts of the Lady Grace is a pair of adventures for the Now Playing Roleplaying Game. It is set in the FPI setting that comes with Now Playing.

Although these adventures are designed for Now Playing, it is just as easy to play them using the Fudge Roleplaying Game, and can be converted to nearly any game system without any effort.

    The Details:
  • 48 pages, plus front and back cover.
  • 3 GM Maps.
  • 2 Player handouts.
  • Ghost Hunting 101 section describing how to perform a ghost hunting investigation.
  • Works with Fudge system as well as Now Playing.
  • Printer-friendly version included.

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