Dungeons & Dragons—4th Edition: Player's Handbook Hardcover

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The first of three core rulebooks for the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game.

The Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game has defined the medieval fantasy genre and the tabletop RPG industry for more than 30 years. In the D&D game, players create characters that band together to explore dungeons, slay monsters, and find treasure. The 4th Edition D&D rules offer the best possible play experience by presenting exciting character options, an elegant and robust rules system, and handy storytelling tools for the Dungeon Master.

The Player's Handbook presents the official Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game rules as well as everything a player needs to create D&D characters worthy of song and legend: new character races, base classes, paragon paths, epic destinies, powers, magic items, weapons, armor, and much more.

  • Core Rulebook: The Player's Handbook is the first of three core rulebooks required to play the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game.
  • Quick and easy play: The improved page layout and presentation enables new and established players to understand and learn the 4th Edition D&D rules quickly.
  • D&D Insider: The Player's Handbook will receive enhanced online support at www.dndinsider.com.

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Average product rating:

2.60/5 (based on 27 ratings)

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Not Dungeons and Dragons


Dungeons and Dragons has long give us the ability to spend some of our free time in a fantasy world. An escape from our normal boring lives. It was a simulation of a fantasy world (or still is if you are playing 3.5 or earlier editions).
So if D&D has been a simulation of a fantasy world what is 4th edition? Well "WOW" or "World of WarCraft" is a simulation of Dungeons and Dragons and 4th edition is a simulation of "WOW". So that would make 4th edition a simulation, of a simulation, of a simulation of a fantasy world.
It's not really Dungeons and Dragons anymore.

Intuitive and Fun


I've owned 4e since it shipped, but haven't had a chance to play until LFR started up at my FLGS. Now I see what the hype is about. This game plays quickly and intuitively, without sacrificing the dynamics and heroics of prior editions. And I can honestly report that the roleplaying aspects of the game haven't been hindered in the slightest. If you've heard people complain 4e is an MMORPG on paper, you're listening to people with a warped perception of reality. 4e is true ROLE playing at its finest.

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