Polymecha: Weapons of Futuristic Destruction (d20 Modern) PDF

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The creation, use and execution of starship and mecha are a mainstay in the genre of science fiction. With the futuristic rules of d20 Modern, it is now possible for individuals to create their own personalized starships and mecha for individual games. These items were created to enhance and augment those games and player’s choices.

    Included in this PDF are such add-ons as:
  • Cutting Airlock (PL 7)
  • Emergency Force Fields (PL 8)
  • Emergency Solid Light Hologram System (PL 8)
  • Molemech Constructed Armor (PL 8)
  • Nanofilament Cannon (PL 8)
  • Particle Disruption Warhead (PL 8)
  • Psycho-Polymer Coating (PL 8)
  • Redundant Systems (PL 5)
  • Teleport Inhibitor (PL 7)
  • Warship Design (PL 6)

Plus several other interesting and unique weapons and equipment to use on starships and mecha.

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