Polymecha: Futuristic Toolbox (d20 Modern) PDF

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Everyone likes starship battles, but not everyone has miniatures for them. Now you never have to worry about that again. The Futuristic Toolbox is a collection of science-fiction and future PDF miniatures that can be used in your games. Each volume of the Futuristic Toolbox contains several different starship miniatures types of all different sizes for a total of nearly 150 starship miniatures. There are also mines, drones and combat platforms miniatures to use.

Also the Futuristic Toolbox comes with Condition Game Tokens for use with all futuristic d20 Modern games. If your starship is stunned or your enemy is blinded, use the Condition Game Tokens and everyone will know what has happened.

It also includes eight new futuristic add-ons for your starships:

  • Direct Human Interface (PL 8)
  • Energy Field Interdictor (PL 8)
  • Hard Shields (PL 9)
  • Main Deflector (PL 6)
  • Polarized Armored Hull (PL 5)
  • Pulse Wave Generator (PL 8)
  • Quantum Detonator (PL 9)
  • Quantum Slipstream Drive (PL 9)
  • Futuristic Toolbox is a gaming aid that is remarkably useful for both players and judges. Finally, you can actually play the space battles you talk about in gaming. This toolbox contains everything you need to get started.

    Each sheet in the PDF is illustrated in full color so you can use what you need and keep the rest for later.

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