Polymecha: Weapons of Mecha Destruction 2 (d20 Modern) PDF

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This sourcebook PDF is a continuation of the first Weapons of Mecha Destruction. We have added new Mecha Body Sizes, Mecha weapons, and new and interesting things that can be used in your game. This four-page PDF is an easy-to-integrate product that covers all new mecha for use in any great d20 futuristic campaign world and gaming session.

    Included in this PDF are such add-ons as:
  • Animal Templated Mecha (PL 7)
  • Armor Defeating Weapon Systems (PL 6)
  • Enveloping Weapon Systems (PL 7)
  • Exo-Mecha Support Harness (PL 6)
  • Gestalt Configuration (PL 7)
  • Hologenerators (PL 8)
  • MIRV Missile System (PL 6)
  • Next Generation Construction (PL 7)
  • Overloaded Missile System (PL 6)
  • SM Scorpion Pincer Claws (PL 7)
  • Vehicle Transformation Configuration (PL 7)
  • XM-3 Sabertooth Fangs (PL 7)

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