Polymecha: Weapons of Mecha Destruction (d20 Modern) PDF

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This sourcebook PDF focuses on the area of giant mechanical robots and battle suits called Mecha, and additional materials that can be added to help make your games even more interesting and fun. This four-page PDF is an easy-to-integrate product that covers all-new mecha for use in any great d20 Future campaign world and gaming session.

    Included in this PDF are:
  • Ablative Armor (PL 6)
  • Ceramic Composed Plating (PL 6)
  • Charged Hull (PL 5)
  • Reactive Armor (PL 6)
  • Artificial Intelligence Computer System (PL 6)
  • Inertial Dampers (PL 7)
  • EMP Shielded (PL 8)
  • Organic Technology (PL 8)
  • Pulsed Weapon System (PL 6)
  • Synthetic Bioneural Circuitry (PL 8)

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