The Dungeon Under the Mountain—Rooms & Encounters: The Corrupted Nursery (OGL) PDF

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The door opens easily to the sound of a music box and the humming of a lullaby. The room appears to be a nursery; there is an elderly elf woman seated in a rocking chair in the north east corner. Two wooden dolls cavort about the room with toys in their hands. Another wooden doll tugs at the old woman’s skirt.

She stops her humming. “What is it, Leigh?”
“Momma Idril, there are strangers here,” the doll explains.
“Oh, that’s okay, Leigh. I won’t let anyone take you away.”

This is Room 33, Level 1.

Discover the Corrupted Nursery!

Written by Mark Gedak

The Dungeon Under the Mountain is a massive dungeon complex extending endlessly below the ground. In a remote past, ancient evil beings dwelled in the area. Now, the remainder of these mysterious evil beings have seized the dungeons and filled it with deadly traps and monsters. Also, many known villains have established their strongholds in the depths of the Dungeon Under the Mountain. Nobody knows why this dungeon is filled by danger, but nobody cares, since this dungeon is the most prized adventure ground of the world. However be warned, adventurers, your life will be not easy here, and dozens of self-proclaimed heroes never returned from the Dungeon Under the Mountain!

You Have Been Warned!

This is one of a series of products detailing the rooms in the massive Dungeon Under the Mountain environment.

This product contains one room or one dungeon-based encounter. All the rooms featured here are taken from one of yhe Dungeon Under the Mountain products, although these products are not necessary, since the encounter can be adapted without effort to any existing dungeon.

This product has been designed to help busy referees in preparing dungeon adventures and encounters. Instead of wasting time scaling encounters and adapting them to your party, here you will find an encounter pre-scaled to three different levels of play (low, mid and high levels). At the beginning of the encounter text, you will find a big button. This button allows you to select the level you want to play, and changes the relevant portions of the text accordingly. Monsters will scale, DCs will change, traps and villain behaviors will change.

Beside each paragraph you will find a smaller button that allows you to change only the selected paragraph. Therefore, if you need stronger monsters in your low-level encounter, you can adjust them, leaving other sections configured for low levels. Likewise, if you want traps tougher, just click on the paragraph button and change the level of the trap paragraph. Blank spaces caused by differing text lengths will be filled with placeholder artwork, so the pages will still look good.

The smaller maps feature the "Rule the Dungeon" button. By clicking it, you can customize the map by opening or closing the doors, removing the furniture or removing the fill in the walls and more, depending on the room's layout.

This product takes advantage of PDF technology, joining old-fashioned style with the most advanced electronic features. In order to use this product you must use Adobe Reader 6 or later.

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4.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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As with past items in this series, this is a fully-detailed single encounter based in a location in the Dungeon Under the Mountain (but of course, you can put it anywhere else that is more convenient for your campaign). With superb mastery of PDF technology, it is possible to select a High, Medium or Low level of threat - for the whole encounter or even for specific aspects (you might choose Low traps and High monsters for a party which prefers to fight rather than figure things out, for example) - before you print out the adventure. There's even a text field for your own notes, which can be saved for future reference.

This particular encounter is located on Level 1 as Room 33, if you are using the Dungeon Under the Mountain complex. Now, you do not really expect to find children's toys in a dungeon... and if you follow up the trail, nothing is quite what it seems. If you wish to use this as a planned enouncter sought out by your characters, the background is amenable to the Nursey being the focus of a quest, while it serves adequately to explain what is going on if this is run as a chance encounter during normal dungeon exploration and raiding.

The whole encounter is spooky and slightly disturbing, and provides ample scope for role-playing the inhabitants of the nursery for the DM. The characters will need to be resourceful to figure out how to deal with the situation unless they feel comfortable will killing everybody there.

A new magic item, the Book of Memories, is presented: it is a rather nice idea where a magical book is able to store an individual's memories in words and pictures for future reference - a perfect scrapbook without all the hard work! There is also a variety on a Construct template, to allow sentience to develop.

Overall, this is something a little different, perhaps even horrific, to add in to your adventures. Well put together and coherent, it is something your players are likely to remember for a long time.

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