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Test of the Smoking Eye
The Cagewrights continue their manipulations of the city of Cauldron, making the PCs their latest pawns in a gambit that leads all the way to the Abyss. The heroes must complete the test of a deposed demon lord to ensure the safety of Cauldron and all its citizens. A D&D Shackled City Adventure Path adventure for 10th-level characters.
By David Noonan
Note: Scaling the Adventure was inadvertantly left out of the magazine and is available here.

Mellorn Hospitality
Every seven years, the elven village of Mellorell hosts the Festival of Life, an opportunity to trade, shop, and celebrate with the folk of nearby lands. But a dark secret that could cost the life of fairgoers draws the heroes into a plot that leads all the way to Hades. A D&D adventure for 7th-level characters.
By Russel Brown

Polyhedron #166
Explore Green Ronin Publishing's Freeport campaign setting with a complete d20 fantasy adventure by Graeme Davis (Shadows over Bogenhafen). d20 Modern co-author Rich Redman presents "Monster Hunting the Department-7 Way," an invaluable guide to field agents exploring the Urban Arcana campaign setting. Plus Downer, Release Roundup, RPGA News and more.

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