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As the dragon swooped down out of the sun I feared the end. I was down to my last Health Point and the Clergyman had no more Band Aid spells. The ancient reptilian scourge came closer and closer, preparing to unleash its lethal breath weapon at any moment. My heart raced but my face betrayed no fear; if I was to die, I would die with my Jackboots of Elvenkind on, bravely staring death in the face. I could hear the Magic Man behind me preparing his Atomic Blast spell, as I clutched my Really Big Sword +1, +2 versus Amphibians, whispered a prayer, and swung mightily. The dragon shrieked. As the beast fell I savored my victory, until I felt the fires of Hell engulf me...

Looking for fantasy gaming with a sense of panache? Or do you just want to slay the evil Panache and loot its corpse? Welcome to Qerth, (rhymes with "worth") where you can have your panache and slay it, too! Qerth is a magical place full of mysterious creatures, ancient wizards, haughty elves, surly dwarves, dimwitted soldiers, sneaky pickpockets, and humble cheese makers. You and your friends will take the part of a roving band of adventurers who kill things and take their stuff. This isn't simple armed robbery, but rather Grand, Epic Adventure! Boldly foray into the unknown with your trusty blade and your hearty comrades. A whole world of wonder is yours for the slaying and looting!

The Qerth Apprentice Level Rules book introduces players to the Qerth setting, explains the intricate mechanics of Qerth, and gives rules for character Ranks 1–3. This book focuses on dungeon adventures, because they are the center of Qerth's economy and culture. You will need QAGS Second Edition (or the QAGS Qik Start rules, included in the PDF) and several handfuls of dice to play Qerth.

Qerth is recommended for mature readers.

QERTH: Roll more dice. Have more fun!

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