Fun with Mutable Flesh (Shapechanger Bloodline ability)


At 3rd level, once per day when you cast a transmutation spell with a duration of 1 minute per level that affects only you, you can increase its duration to 10 minutes per level. At 9th level, you can increase the duration to 1 hour per level.

Turn a 1 minute/level spell into an all day thing? Sign me up!

Most (but far from all) of these spells increase melee ability, of which a 9th level sorcerer has little and is pretty late to start gishing. Oracle, Eldritch Scion Magus and Bard with Eldritch Heritage may make good use of it, but that's 3 feats. The real trick to using it is Robes of Arcane Heritage, so you only need to be a 5th level sorcerer to get this power and sorcerers need 6 levels to qualify for Eldritch Knight anyways.

Angelic Aspect is a large list of buffs and polymorph spells are obvious. What else is worth it?

A bloodrager with eldritch heritage might have their eyes set on 1st level spells like enlarge person or long arm.

Fey form is a polymorph and therefore obvious, yes, but it comes with any number of weird abilities. It's probably worth looking thru that list to see if there's anything there you'd especially like to have all day.

The problem with Fey Form is that while the abilities can be good, the forms they are attached to generally aren't.

If the forms aren't good for melee, but your sorcerer isn't into melee... that isn't a problem. Or do you mean 'generally aren't (good)' in some other way?

Fluid form for +10' reach and DR10/slashing
There are some powerful monstrous physique forms - great old one, Yig has high damage attacks; Deathsnatcher has 6 attacks and pounce.
Giant form can get you regeneration.

It's a pretty intriguing idea for an eldritch knight.

The problem with fey form isn't that the forms aren't good for melee, it's that the good abilities to nab are those that interact with melee till Fey Form III (Where Quickling's Supernatural Speed grants evasion, uncanny dodge, concealment and, by strict reading, invisiblity if you are "motionless"). Hell, a lot of the abilities are simply non-functional without other things you don't get or, in the case of at least Animate Hair, non-existent (the only instance of a fey with an ability named this is third party. Also it just replicates Entagle or Animate Robe with a high casting time).

Yig may not be valid, but Deathsnatcher definitely is. Giant Form for regen is nifty, shame the only forms that give it are troll variants.

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