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WARNING: The remaining print copies of this issue do NOT contain the map that originally came with this magazine issue!

Encounter at Blackwall Keep
by Sean K Reynolds
The wizard Allustan requests the party's company on a trip to Blackwall Keep, a militia outpost on the border of a treacherous swamp. But what of the green worms and unkillable zombies plaguing the region, and what fell secret is locked in the keep's forlorn basement? An Age of Worms Adventure Path scenario for 5th-level characters.

The Clockwork Fortress
by Wolfang Baur
A mechanical man discovers his ancestral fortress has fallen to a lunatic derro, but something worse than mad derro haunts the Clockwork Fortress' gears. A D&D adventure for 8th-level characters.

Blood of Malar
by Eric L. Boyd
Seductive vampires, hungry werewolves, sinister drug dealers, trouble in the sewers, and an undead beholder? Just another day in Waterdeep! The first adventure in the Vampires of Waterdeep Campaign Arc, "Blood of Malar" is a FORGOTTEN REALMS adventure for 13th-level characters.

The Menagerie
by B. Matthew Conklin III
What happens when a vagabond finds a weird snake down by the river and gives it to the local curio shop? Find out in "The Menagerie," winner of the Origins/DUNGEON Side Trek Design Competition, a D&D adventure for 6th-level characters.

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I originally wrote:
The PDF of Dungeon #126 does not include the poster map that was included with the printed magazine, which has the map of the first floor of Blackwall Keep for the Encounter at Blackwall Keep adventure. Would it be possible for Paizo to post a PDF of that poster map?

I was wrong; the magazine PDF does include a PDF of the poster map,in the file "DM126 Blackwell Keep Poster Map.pdf".

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