Dragon Issue #326

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Dragon gives you the best in gaming, presenting new official rules, original game content, great advice, and the perfect inspiration for your D&D game. In each issue, you’ll also see cool products on the horizon, find out what other players are up to, and get an insider’s look at the industry. Get more from your game: Get Dragon!

The Dungeon Delver’s Guide
by Mark A. Hart and Jayce K. Purvis
What you don’t know can kill your character. Think you know everything about dungeon delving? Check out this article to see what you forgot. What you learn could save your life.

Down the Drain
by Chris DeKalb by Jacob Steinmann
It’s a crappy place to be unprepared. Discover the history, designs, and dangers of sewers—both real and fantastic.

Born of Fire
by Jonathan Drain
Release your character’s inner fire. Play a half-elemental character (air, earth, fire, or water) from 1st level with these monster classes.

Get Lost
by Kyla Ward
Whether as legendary traps for mythical monsters, passive protections against thieves and trespassers, or as playgrounds for royalty, labyrinths have long existed in the world. Find out more about historical labyrinths, learn how to use them in D&D, and discover what it takes to get your PC out of a mad wizard’s maze alive.

“The Ecology of Raksasha,” “A Novel Approach: The Rite,” “Spellcraft: Cantrips,” and of course, “Coup de Grace,” “Class Acts,” “The Magic Shop,” “Heroic Feats,” “Silicon Sorcery,” “First Watch,” “Player Initiative,” “Scale Mail,” “Adventurer Tricks,” “Player Tips,” “Sage Advice,” and comics!

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Beautiful PDF quality!


I was pleasantly surprised, when I ordered this issue of Dragon on PDF. You get 22 PDF's in total, with a crisp, bright quality; all broken up by subject. Thanks Paizo!

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