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Vs. Monsters is a 20-page PDF created in 24 hours as part of an exercise. Can you create a roleplaying game in 24 hours?

This game of monster killing in 19th Century America is, in the author's opinion, a failed attempt at a 24-hour game. There are some interesting elements to the design and anyone with an interest in game design will find the contents informative.

If you've ever wanted to design your own game you should give this a look and then attempt your own 24-hour game.

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5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Incredible for What it Represents


The vs. Monsters game and what came from it (the vs. Engine and at least vs. Outlaws, the only expansion I'm aware of) weren't "perfect" games, they are perfect for what they are -- a game created in a long 24-hour marathon run of creative work. It helped spawn 24Hour RPG, and that alone is a lovely thing: 24Hr RPG.

There are 'problems' with this document, and most of those were "fixed" in the expanded vs. Monsters Deluxe (which is sadly NOT available here), and in its spinoff vs. Outlaws (also not available), but with recent people talking about migrating to D&D 5ed because its "rules-lite" I really want to point them to games LIKE THIS!

This is rules-lite. And its got a lovely kind of irreverence for RPGs that I fully appreciate!

This seems to be the only place left on the Internet to get a legitimate copy of vs. Monsters. I wonder if Philip J. Reed, or whomever owns the games now, would add the vs. Engine, vs. Outlaws, and vs. Monsters Deluxe to this space or is there another once I'm just not aware of?

His websites, for Ronin Arts and his personal page Philip J Reed aren't up anymore.

I saw a news article on the web about them partnering with Green Ronin, but that has lead me no where as well.

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Phil works for Steve Jackson Games now.

Yeah I had read that, but he also.maintains a different personal site it seems, battlegrip.com, and its just sad to see dead links.

I did see though that the Deluxe and Additions books are available, but Ronin Arts have them under their "Other" category it seems!

Fat Goblin Games plans on supporting the vs. M Engine, I talk about it a bit here in my blog-post today on fatgoblingames.com

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Good to see some monstrously free stuff. ;)

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Here4daFreeSwag wrote:
Good to see some monstrously free stuff. ;)

Free stuff is always grand, we (Fat Goblin Games) plan on releasing some more "stuff" in support of all the vs. M Engine games for free, but we've also gotta eat -- so if you're interested in the vs. Monsters check out our first release vs. Ghosts and keep an eye over there for more "stuff" like adventure seeds, maps, and a codex of NPCs or monsters that should be compatible with vs. Monsters.

To people interested in the the original vs. Monsters and the revival of vs. M Engine books, follow our blog on FatGoblinGames.com and join the vs. M Engine Facebook group!

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