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Welcome to the Prophet’s Court. Located in Temple Ward of the Great City, this small court is found one step away from Blessed Way, just south of the Shiny Lord’s temple.

The Prophet’s Court is home to many people who deal with religion. Aside from established religious shops and vendors, during the day, you may find a great crowd of peddlers, street vendors and pilgrims selling amazing amulets, prodigious talismans, and faith advice. During the night the court becomes the home of shadowy people who conduct prohibited religious business.

Some whisper that beneath the cellars of Prophet’s Court lies a forbidden temple dedicated to the Dark One, an ancient evil deity whose cult is believed to be extinct.

Two entrances lead to the Prophet’s Court. A porch runs on one side and small pebbles on the ground mark some pathways leading to the entrance of various vendors. Surrounded by willows, the Fountain of Gentle Repose is a small, quiet oasis for vendors and citizens too. The sound of water and small talk enhances relaxation and rest in the otherwise crowded and noisy Prophet’s Court.

    Established vendors include:
  • Holy Library of Prophets, which sells religious books and scrolls
  • Relics and Holy Goods, carrying any sort of religious items
  • Mystul’s Fine Coffins, renowned for his fine work on caskets
  • Blessed Ointment’s & Holy Water, selling every kind of blessed liquid you can imagine
  • Weapons of the White Templar, a fine, well-stocked weapon shop
  • Priest’s Clothes, which sells mainly cleric’s vestments and clothes

The upper floor of the Prophet’s Court is mostly apartments. Two of these are home to people who do not have shops in the Prophet’s Court. One is Gramut the Decrepit (see 0one's Blueprints Backdrops: Temple of the Silver Lady) and the other is a well-known city sage named Wizios.

The Great City is a series of linked products that explore a whole fantasy city. The main PDF provides a map of the entire city; the other products each detail a city district or other features including floorplans of major buildings. Each of the products can easily be used as standalone product.

The Blueprints product line offers you old-fashioned blueprint-style maps for your adventures and campaigns. Each map includes a blueprint version and a standard black-and-white version. The maps are all vector-based for maximum print resolution. Despite their old-fashioned appearance, each map offers a degree of customization by taking full advantage of pdf technology. A button (which will not be printed) on each map allows you to turn the grid on and off, eliminate the room numbers, fill the walls, or hide doors and furniture.

Each product features a classic fantasy adventure location: a dungeon, a keep, a temple complex, a thieves' guild and so on. You can use these maps as reference to build your own adventures or simply have them at hand in case your players go in an unexpected direction during the campaign.

While offering you the best quality, these products are really inexpensive.

    New Features Added!
  • Rule the Dungeon feature implemented
  • Enhanced customization (now doors and furniture are separate, for example)
  • Alternative hexagonal grid now available
  • "North" mark now available and orientable
  • Master control panel allows you to control all the maps at once
  • Buttons for printing only blue maps or black and white maps
  • ....and still under two bucks!

WARNING: you must use Adobe Acrobat 6+ in order to use all the features of this product.

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4.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Another in the series developing specific locations within the Great City, this area is a sort of religious shopping mall. A religious bookshop, sellers of talismans, a shop selling priest's vestments, even blessed weapons can be found here. Rumours abound about what else goes on here, from hidden temples to forbidden or at least rather dubious deities to - well, whatever you want to have going on there, really.

The maps show the entire enclave at ground level, upper floor and rooftop - and there are TWO subterranean levels as well - ordinary cellars and a full-blown dungeon level (where, presumably, the dodgy stuff goes on). Presented in both blue and black, the usual 'Rule the Dungeon' feature allows you to control the appearance of your maps, and there is a set of notes pages so that you can record all the ideas spawned by looking at this fine location. If city adventure and religious intrigue feature in your campaign, you will look a long way before you find a better backdrop to events.

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