Extreme Vengeance (PDF)

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Remember those great action movies from the '80s, when muscles were large, action was king, and things went boom? Now you can relive those great times at your gaming table with the original uncut, unedited, and unspellchecked homage from 1997.

Scanned into PDF from the original print, it's like having a DVD of an '80s action flick; sure, it's still just as bad it was, but now its digital! So flex your biceps, tighten your headband, and hang that M60 from your waist; it's time to take Extreme Vengeance!

Grab some dice, friends, and beer and you're ready to play!

Layout Note: This file uses the exact same design as the original book—the PDF was created from scans of the book—with the exception of one detail: the duplicated cover art that appeared on each page has been removed.

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Any chance the "Maximum Damage" and "Die and Die Again" supplements be available for purchase in pdf format too?

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