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Enter the world of Bella Sara, where beauty comes from within. Make friends with pretty ponies, frolicking foals, magical mares and strong steeds. Each horse is beautiful in its own way—just like you!

Collect your favorite Bella Sara horses, play fun card games with your friends and read each horse's special message! Visit to care for and play with your horses online!

Bella Sara is an imaginative, joyful world of horses, where every girl is special and uniquely beautiful! Horse cards can be collected, traded with friends and used to play fun card games. Each horse has a positive message for you to discover. Every card also has an activation code, which you can enter on to put your horses online in your very own stable.

Once your horse is online, it will be your friend forever! You can care for your horse by feeding it, training it, brushing it and riding it through Bella Sara's World. What is Bella Sara’s World? It’s a magical place that you can explore with your favorite horses. There are castles and forests, beaches and racetracks—everything a horse and a girl could wish for.

Energy cards have activation codes too. Enter these activation codes on the website to create online objects you can use with your horses, such as saddles, riding boots and jodhpurs. Some energy cards also help you train your horse, unlock hidden places in Bella Sara’s World or let you play advanced levels of online games.

Each Bella Sara Card Pack contains 5 random horse and/or energy cards, and 1 rules card.

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