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All Eastern Front Studios miniatures are made of a high quality tin alloy and come unpainted. Please check out our full range of miniatures paints, brushes, and other supplies here.

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5.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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Odin size and pieces


I recently bought this miniature from EFS it is amazing.Snorter I agree about the sizes, this fellow is large like 54mm+ it is altogether 4 pieces, separate cape,body,right hand with spear, and the raven on his arm.the base is made up a bit larger in the painting but yes he makes a wonderful frost giant also as it is huge!!

Beautiful sculpt of an iconic character in impressive pose!


This is impressive; the detail on the clothing, a natural pose, and he really does appear to be conversing with Hugin (or is it Munin?).
This could be a great display piece for your shelf or mantlepiece, but also has great gaming applications as well; it could represent not just Odin, but a northern Druid/Ranger with his animal companions.
My only gripes (and this applies to all adverts on this site), is that I rarely see the size of minis stated. This is very important, especially for non-humans, as we need to know if they will mesh with an existing army or collection. If this is a large figure, I could use it as a Frost Giant Ranger, to threaten my players, but it would be nice to know beforehand...
Also, it would be useful to know when a product is a multi-part kit, and how it breaks down. I may wish to replace the giant's head with another victim/chest/barrel; will this require lots of sawing?
Other than that, well done!

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