Dungeon Issue #148

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Cover Date Jul 2007 Shipped to Subscribers 22 May 2007 Appeared on Newsstands 13 Jun 2007

The Automatic Hound
James Lafond Sutter
Deep in the forest, two hunters stumble across the site of a strange and ancient ritual, and one pays the ultimate price. Now a murderous beast stalks the streets of a quiet farm town. Can the PCs unravel the secret of Dramsburg’s dark past and defeat a monster that cannot be killed? A D&D adventure for 3rd-level characters.

In the Shadows of Spinecastle
Stephen S. Greer and Gary Holian
The PCs must infiltrate a city ruled by monsters to search for the spymaster that holds the key to saving a besiged nation. A Greyhawk adventure for 9th-level characters.

Wells of Darkness
Eric Boyd
The Prince of Demons hides a secret, one that could well be the key to stopping the savage tide. Yet the only one who knows this secret is imprisoned on one of the most notorious realms in the Abyss. Will the price for rescuing her be too high? A Savage Tide Adventure Path scenario for 18th-level characters.

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