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On the north side of Lord's Promenade, positioned arrogantly behind a massive iron gate monogrammed with an oversized gilded "J" stands Janzar's Tower.

The diameter of a small house, it clears a full three stories, with a taller spire that dwarfs the surrounding courtyard trees. The carved quartzite facade depicts thick serpentine coils in braided patterns that helix along its perimeter. Flakes of minerals deposited in the stone make the tower glisten during the day, and at night, they catch light from lanterns and streetlamps bathing the tower in an eerie yellow glow.

In stark contrast to the glittering tower, the building serving as its foundation seems strangely out of place. A large austere structure, its rough gray granite walls supported by heavy fluted columns give it a somber appearance, not unlike a mausoleum.

Written by Tim Hitchcock

Note: The original map of the Tower of Janazar appears in 0one's Blueprints: The Great City—Residence Ward.

Welcome to 0one's Blueprints Backdrops!

This new set of products is based on 0one Games' popular 0one's Blueprints. In 0one's Blueprints Backdrops, you will find a fully developed version of one of the locations from the Blueprints line. The Backdrop features a complete description of the location, and its NPCs and monsters (if any), penned by one of our talented writers, and portrayed by skillful artists. You also get a simpler version of the map found in Blueprints and a complete detailed 3D map of the location. The 3D view will help you to visualize the area and better describe it to your players. You can even show it to them, if you wish.

The product is suitable for use with any fantasy RPG system. We have separated the d20 stats from the main text, allowing you to print out either a generic description or a fully d20-statted version. But the good stuff is just beginning.

This product takes full advantage of PDF technology, joining old-fashioned style with the most advanced electronic features. Using the exclusive "Rule the Dungeon" feature (look for a big blue and white button–don’t worry, it won’t print) you will be able to fully customize this product. For example, the 3D map can be changed to show only one floor, with or without walls, with or without furniture, or only an external view, and on and on, with many possible combinations!

This product has also been designed to help busy referees prepare adventures—or even single encounters. Instead of spending extra time scaling the encounters to your party, the d20 stats are scaled in three different versions, suitable for low, middle, and high levels of play, using a "Rule the Dungeon" button. This button lets you choose which level to play, changing all relevant text accordingly: monsters will scale, DCs and traps will change, and behaviors of the villains will change, all according to the level of play you choose.

NOTE: you must use Adobe Acrobat 6+ in order to use all the features of this product.

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4.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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An RPG Resource Review


Presenting a wizard's tower taken from the streets of the Great City, this work makes good use of the advanced skills of 0one Games's programmers in PDF creation, with the familiar ability to set encounter levels and tailor the appearance of the maps to suit your needs.

The entire tower and its inhabitants are presented in compelling detail, with endearing features such as a kitchen filled with animated utensils busy about the preparation of the next meal. Like most chefs, they'll turn on you if interrupted in their work! The rest facilities are equally ingenious: outwardly far too modern but conceivable in a world where magic really works. You can really imagine a wizard and his entourage actually living here even when your adventurers are not coming calling.

Unfortunately the evocative text is spoiled by numerous errors, some poor English and others merely sloppy proof-reading.

While specific adventure seeds are provided, the whole text is replete with things that can easily spawn ideas in an inventive DM's mind. Descriptions of the inhabitants and regular visitors are separated from the D20 stat blocks, so that it is easy to incorporate the Tower into another game system if preferred.

Overall, it is an excellent example of how to create a coherent location, populated with likely inhabitants and all ready for use with minimal preparation.

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