Dungeon Issue #105 with Polyhedron #164 PDF

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Cover Date Dec 2003 Shipped to Subscribers 24 Oct 2003 Appeared on Newsstands 11 Nov 2003

The Stink
Folks have been vanishing from the Stink, a disease-filled rubbish quarter of Sunhill. City officials recruit the heroes to investigate the disappearances, putting the PCs on the trail of scaly subterranean denizens with ill plans for the surface world. A Dungeons & Dragons adventure for 4th-level characters.
By Monte Lin

Chasing the Snake
A long-simmering merchant conflict has turned into a war of assassination, and the PCs are called in to prevent an attempt to murder the daughter of one of the merchants. They lead her yuan-ti would-be killer on an overland chase through a canyon called Ehlonna’s Scar, which contains surprises of its own. A Dungeons & Dragons adventure for 6th-level characters.
By John Simcoe

Polyhedron #164
A d20 Modern Mini-Game
Ever feel like you can't escape the Internet? Deathnet, by Eberron creator Keith Baker, puts you in the role of a virtual reality playtester trapped in a deadly computer network. Team up with cartoonish plumbers, fireball-hurling wizards, and frag-happy space marines in an attempt to thwart the evil secret of the Deathnet!

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Sovereign Court

Is it possible to purchase the PDF anywhere? I'd like to pick up Deathnet!

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