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Cover Date Mar 2007 Shipped to Subscribers 23 Jan 2007 Appeared on Newsstands 14 Feb 2007

The Lightless Depths
by F. Wesley Schneider and James Lafond Sutter
Ages ago, before the first savage tide struck the Isle of Dread, the ancient Olmans waged war against the aboleth city of Golismorga. When the PCs journey deep under the isle to find the source of the shadow pearls, they discover horrors almost beyond imagining in a haunted underground city perched on sanity’s razored edge. A Savage Tide Adventure Path scenario for 11th-level characters.

The Muster of Morach Tor
by Russel Brown
Deep in the Evermoors a plan to conquer the town of Nesmé is forming, and the only person who can warn the town is about to be sacrificed to a slimy god. Can the PCs rescue the missing officer in time to save Nesmé? A Forgotten Realms adventure for 4th-level characters.

by Christopher Wissel
Matched against some of the most powerful, cunning, and ruthless races from across the planes in a battle of wits, it’s the PCs’ task to ensure that the wealth of ages does not fall into the wrong hands. But beware, for cunning wordplay is not the only way to win a debate. A D&D adventure for 18th-level characters.

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Where is the PDF of this? Did they not make one?

No they didn't.

IIRC the last of Paizo's Dungeon Magazine pdfs was #139

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