Dungeons & Dragons: Savage Tide Player's Guide

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The first savage tide has already touched the mortal world, yet none who live today recall this terrible time of red ruin. It swept over an ancient city, transforming beggar and noble, merchant and thief, resident and visitor, one and all into feral, ravenous fiends. What took the ancients hundreds of years to build came crumbling down in a matter of days. When the final ripples of the tide faded, only ruins remained.

Now, after a thousand years, the hidden architect of the Savage Tide gazes upon new targets. This time, the doom will not be limited to one hapless city. This time, all of civilization is perched on the shore, blissfully ignorant of what the tide is about to bring in.

The Savage Tide Adventure Path is a complete campaign featured over the course of a year in Dungeon, running from issue #139 to issue #150, that will take your PCs from their lowly beginnings at 1st level to the lofty heights of 20th, and possibly beyond. It all begins in the exotic port city of Sasserine, detailed in this booklet.

    The Savage Tide Player's Guide includes:
  • a full-color map of Sasserine
  • 14 pages breaking down the city's seven districts, offering details on each
  • a key to all shops, taverns, inns, shrines and other places of note
  • important NPCs for each section
  • "District Feats," which work a little like Regional Feats; they're feats you take if your character is from Sasserine, and are tailored to be useful at various points throughout the Savage Tide Adventure Path
  • tips for generating characters for the campaign
  • notes on how the city watch behaves in each district
  • rules for purchasing exotic animals like shocker lizards and dire bats
  • notes on the black market, the arena and a few other points of interest in Sasserine
  • a brief history of the city
  • notes on six affiliations PCs might want to join during the campaign

The Savage Tide begins here! Will your characters stand upon its shore and protect the civilized world? Or will they succumb to its rising waters of ruinous rage?

The Savage Tide Player's Guide is now available as a free PDF download.

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Average product rating:

4.30/5 (based on 8 ratings)

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Now free-PDF


Everything you need to know to make a player for this AP.

A cheap price for those wanting a hard copy...


And a free download option for everyone else. Wonderful!

The folks at Paizo must be commended for offering such great products like this.


So, I pay US$10.50 for this product, receive an email that says it shipped on the 1 SEP, the day I ordered it, wait a week for it to show up in my mail box <50 miles from the warehouse, raise a stink, and finally have it in a total of 10 days. Only to see the it postmarked for the 6th.

And now it's FREE?

NOT a happy or staisfied customer.

A great idea, but...


EDIT: Now offering it as a free download?! Oh man, I'm seriously upset about this. Had the expectation been set that in X weeks it will be available for free download, I can guarantee I never would have shelled out $14 USD for this! Way to screw me out of my hard earned money, Paizo! Pretty shifty tactics, if you ask me.

First of all, I don't know why I had to pay $9 (USD) to have this shipped to Canada; you can’t tell me USPS charged you anywhere near that! Excessive shipping costs aside, there are a couple of disappointments with this product.

On the plus side, this is a very nice, glossy compendium with a lot of good information. It will be a great addition to share with the players for the upcoming Adventure Path.

There are a couple things that I don't like about it, though. Number one, typos galore! If you are trying to put out a professional looking guide, the least you could do is run 'spell check'...disappointing. Second, the large map of Sasserine is great, but how I am supposed to use it without destroying the book??? Having a fold out cover with the map or a folded paper map would have been much more useable.

Too bad about the drawbacks, because it's a great concept and seems to be an excellent source of information.

Very useful


This is a great product to hand the players at the start of the campaign. The map of the city of Sasserine is very detailed and very high quality. Nice job.

Those individuals that are complaining about Paizo offering it for free now when they paid for it should realize that the paper quality and thick map cardstock would cost them just as much to print out in such high quality. If they feel they got ripped off anyway, then there's no helping them. Take the player's guide to Kinkos and see how much they'd charge you to print it out on the same high quality paper that the hard copy Player's guide used.

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