Dungeon Issue #142

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Cover Date Jan 2007 Shipped to Subscribers 14 Nov 2006 Appeared on Newsstands 6 Dec 2006

Here There Be Monsters
Jason Bulmahn
Shipwrecked on the Isle of Dread! Faced with a dangerous journey, the PCs must escort a ragged band of castaways through monster-infested wildlands in order to reach the safety promised by the colony of Farshore on the isle’s southern tip. A Savage Tide Adventure Path scenario for 7th-level characters.

Masque of Dreams

B. Matthew Conklin III
A masquerade ball at a remote desert oasis turns tragic when the party is crashed by goblin minions of a priestess of Zargon. Can the PCs rescue the abducted guests before they become the latest victims of the Lost City of the Valley of Death? A D&D adventure for 1st-level characters.

Bright Mountain King

Caine Chandler
A nefarious druid plans to ruin a dwarven nation’s economy, but first he needs a legendary weapon in an ancient dwarven tomb. When the PCs infiltrate the tomb to recover the artifact, are they playing into their enemy’s hands? A D&D adventure for 16th-level characters.

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