P3 Paint: Iron Kingdoms Colors

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The Iron Kingdoms set gives a perfect introduction to Formula P3. With metallic paints like Pig Iron and Rhulic gold, along with carefully chosen shades like Midlund Flesh and Bootstrap Leather, this set provides you with the colors you just can't do without.

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This looks like a really good deal. How long will it be on backorder?

Paizo Employee Chief Operations Officer

Jason Beardsley wrote:
This looks like a really good deal. How long will it be on backorder?

I got this from Privateer Press just a minute ago...This set of paint is out of stock and has been for a while. There is one paint color in the box that Privateer is working on reformulating and they don't have any estimate of when it will be ready.

We'd be more than happy to keep your order so when it is available again we could ship it to you or we can cancel it and you can reorder it when it comes back. Just let us know what you'd like us to do.

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Just cancel this portion of my order. I'll grab it later =)

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