D&D Miniatures—War of the Dragon Queen: Kobold Zombie

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This single miniature from the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures War of the Dragon Queen tradeable miniatures set is molded out of high-impact plastic and comes fully painted. Use it to beef up your D&D minatures army or add to your D&D roleplaying experience!

This miniature may or may not be in the original bag, and may or may not include the stat card.

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3.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Sometimes you need an ugly kobold mini


It’s a tiny zombie... or a very dirty diseased kobold. In any case, you should find use for this miniature as both. Hardly any paintjob – black stick, brown pants, greenish skin. The only major detail is his tail, which half rotted of. The legs are not as good, and he may tilt a bit too much even for the undead.

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