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Cover Date Nov 2006 Shipped to Subscribers 19 Sep 2006 Appeared on Newsstands 11 Oct 2006

The Bullywug Gambit
by Nicolas Logue
"And the river shall bring forth frogs abundantly, which shall go up and come into thine house, and into thy bedchamber, and upon thy bed, and into the house of thy servants, and upon thy people, and into thine ovens, and into thy kneadingtroughs. And the frogs shall come up both on thee, and upon thy people, and upon all thy servants."
Exodus 8:3-4
A Savage Tide Adventure Path scenario for 3rd-level characters.

The Fall of Graymalkin Academy
by Mark A. Hart
Prestigious Graymalkin Academy, where the rich and fortunate go to learn the ways of magic, has fallen to the enemy! Can your PCs defeat its monstrous invaders? A D&D adventure for 9th-level characters.

Heart of Hellfire Mountain
by “Weird” Dave Olson
It’s one thing when fire giants cause problems for civilization, but it’s another when the fire giants themselves have a problem that only adventurers can solve! A D&D adventure for 20th-level characters.

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5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Nicolas Logue keeps the STAP rolling


I have enjoyed DMing The Bullywug Gambit. It has had several twists and turns, savage pirates, and one of the most dreaded monsters to armor-dependant adventurers -- not to mention Ripclaw!

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