Pathfinder Chronicles Miniatures: Chelaxian Devilborn

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The Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting is set in the world of Golarion, the backdrop for Paizo Publishing's Pathfinder Adventure Path, the Pathfinder Modules, and the Pathfinder Chronicles products.

Each miniature is made of unpainted pewter and comes as a single piece.

Miniature sculpted by Neil McKenzie.

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Average product rating:

5.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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wonderful flexible mini.


This is a wonderful mini, both for its stated purpose and for a 'generic' tiefling. the sword can be kitted out for another weapon, and the shield might be able to with a bit more effort. She's not all 'boobs and bare skin' like too many female minis, and actually inspired me to both create a class and a character concept around her.

Another great Ptolus NPC for any fantasy game


Navanna Vladaam is a tiefling, as you can see by the color of her skin and horns on her head. She could be used as a fiendish PC, rogue, or any sort of NPC in your own campaign. This makes it a great miniature. There aren't that many GOOD tiefling minis around, surely.

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