A Player's Guide to Ptolus: Monte Cook's City by the Spire (d20)—Pack of 5

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A city of mysteries, secrets, and dark histories, Ptolus lies forever in the shadow of a towering stone spire reaching impossibly high into the sky, itself an enigma and a reminder of evil long past. Ptolus is a place where the supernatural is expected, and treachery lies around every corner—or is it that the supernatural lies around every corner and treachery is expected? Either way, Ptolus is a city of danger, magic, intrigue, and above all: adventure.

Someplace needs to be the worst place in the world. Why not here?
     —Brusselt Airmol, well-known rogue adventurer

This 32-page guide is designed to introduce you as a player to the fundamentals of Ptolus, so that you can create and run a character with plenty of knowledge about the world. The city is rich enough in detail that it's difficult to absorb it all at once, so keep this information handy to reference while you play in a Ptolus campaign—and be prepared to discover that the information you learn in these pages is only the very briefest of overviews.

The guide includes a full map of the city of Ptolus, as well as an introduction to the city and sections on campaign look and feel, the various local districts, noble houses, organizations, history, NPCs, religion, the larger world, character creation, magic, equipment, and more. All this material also appears in the Ptolus book, which builds from the information found in this player's guide.

This pack contains five guides to share with the players in your campaign.

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5.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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A Player's Guide affordable and done right


The Player's Guide to Ptolus is everything a good introduction to a new setting from the players' point of view should be: it gives you key information about the setting itself, the particular focus being on Praemal (the world) first, then Ptolus in particular (the city itself), provides you with all the mechanical information you need to create a flavorful character (races, specificities of core classes in the setting, some cultural traits, etc) and basically makes you, as a player, hungry for more by playing the game itself.

All around, a great player's guide that would be a great read for any DM running Ptolus or not, since it could provide anyone with a good model to follow for creating your own handouts when starting a new campaign.

An RPG Resource review


This work is an attempt to get around that common problem of your character knowing more about his surroundings than his player does! Distributed as a free PDF or sold as a bundle to pass around the table so that each player has a copy, the purpose is to provide sufficient introduction to the Ptolus campaign setting (calling it a mere 'city' does it a disservice) to enable the play of character who are either natives of the city or have at least had time to look around a bit.

But first, there's a bit of an introduction from author Monte Cook in which he explains how this is a true D&D city, designed from the outset to inhabit the same world governed by the D20 ruleset, where people expect magic and monsters to exist, and where delving into dungeons can provide great rewards as well as great perils.

The book goes on to present overviews of the districts of the city (and where to get the best pastries as well as other commodities), the important families and personalities in town, and a wide range of organisations. You can also read about the local religions, the main one being the worship of a lawful good deity called Lothian, whose church is embedded in the structure of the empire in which Ptolus (at least nominally) belongs. There's a growing tolerance of other faiths, and - fortunately - of arcane spell use, which the early Church of Lothian attempted to ban as deviltry! There is also a 2-page map showing some of the more important locations your character may wish to visit.

Overall, this is a very good introduction to the city and will be very useful to anyone whose character is going to visit (or come from) Ptolus - and well-nigh essential if you are going to participate in the Ptolus Campaign.

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