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200 monsters from the hills and heights, compiled from over twenty sources, including over 111 classic 3.0 monsters updated for a 3.5 game!

Welcome to Expeditious Retreat Press's newest line: Monster Geographica. The Monster Geographica books compile 200 monsters of specific terrains into one inexpensive resource. Collected from over 20 different sources, Monster Geographica books also provide an extensive array of challenge ratings and concepts.

Due to its organization, Monster Geographica is an ideal monster supplement for random encounters, adventure building, and campaign design. Unlike other monster books, Monster Geographica organizes monsters by challenge rating. Building a CR 5 encounter? All CR 5 monsters are right next to each other; no need to flip back and forth between a CR table and the monsters' stat blocks. Need a random encounter level 7? Again, all CR 7 monsters are right next to each other. Don't see one you like? Flip to the CR 5 monsters and pick two.

We also include an alphabetical table of contents with a listing of creatures by type and subtype (also arranged by challenge rating), making Monster Geographica books easy to use from many different approaches.

The PDF version comes with extensive bookmarks by alphabet, by challenge rating, and by type for maximum utility.

Editors: Kevin Baase, Eric Jansing, and Suzi Yee

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I first purchased the download of Marsh & Aquatic a few weeks ago and that product proved to be excellent. All content, no fluff. I was so impressed with the product that I went ahead and purchased the soft covered book of Marsh & Aquatic. I also went ahead and purchased their complete Monster Geographica line of products. That line included: Underground, Plain & Desert, Hill & Mountain, and Forest. These books are excellent, and like I mentioned above, filled with content and zero fluff. One nice surprise was the actual books are 8.5 by 5.5 in size, very portable and light weight. The books are 193 to 202 pages of monsters and flora.

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