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The rusty iron gate emits a loud unnerving sound while the fighter forces it open. Inside the mausoleum, a stone sarcophagus lies opened, its lid broken. In the darkness, something is watching you: cold eyes full of unlife seem to stare at you from the shadows...

The mausoleum is surrounded by a small graveyard with many tombs opened and desecrated. Some marble steps lead to a raised area, surrounded by a once-beautiful stone railing. A rusty iron gate still protects the inner tomb. Beyond the gate stands the eerie sepulcher. Small windows dot the walls and old bracers and candelabras lie scattered on the floor. The broken pieces of the sarcophagus lid surround a raised dais at the far end of the room.

    Some hints to use the mausoleum follow:
  • It is common knowledge that the mausoleum is infested by vicious undead. A noble, claiming to be an heir of the ancient owners of the mausoleum, hires the PCs to clean up the area from the monsters. Actually, the noble is the father of Jonathan, a tomb robber who disappeared in the mausoleum some years ago along with his brother Alfius. The man is tracking his sons but none would help him if the truth is known, so he claims to be a noble searching for its origins. The man's sons were both transformed in ghouls. The man will insist on accompanying the PCs, and when he discover the doom of his sons he turns against the party in a blind attempt to "save" his beloved sons.
  • While camping in the wilderness the PCs hear screams in the distance. Investigating, they find a campsite with gruesome remains of dismembered human bodies. A closer search reveals that the camp belonged to bandits and that a living prisoner was carried away from some kind of undead. The minions of a Ghoul Duke ate the bandits and brought with them a female human who was formerly held captive in the bandit's camp. The PCs must save the girl before she becomes food for the Ghoul Duke in the mausoleum.

The villain featured in this product is Jhntehnn, a Ghoul Duke. A complete background story and a paragraph on his combat tactics fleshes out this unique villain.

Welcome to Battlemaps Lairs. These products are part of the acclaimed Master Accessories line. Each product features a small monster's lair—usually three or four rooms—that can easily be added to your ongoing campaign.

For each lair, you get a wonderful overview map and three or four battlemaps, suitable for miniatures games, detailing each room of the lair. The battlemaps are superb 3D renderings at the stunning resolution of 150 dpi, allowing you to obtain an amazing print quality. You get also a grayscale-optimized version of each map.

In addition, Battlemaps Lairs offers you a degree of customization. At the bottom of each color map you will find a checkbox (that will not be printed) that allows you to make the room "empty". Thus, if you do not need that sarcophagus in the mummy's tomb (perhaps because it doesn't fit in your story) you can easily remove it.

Starting with this title, Battlemaps Lairs will feature a complete, ready-to-use d20 villain. You will find a complete statblock plus a background story that will help you create adventures and scenarios, and finally a combat tactics section.

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4.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Although this product follows the standard format of earlier 'Battlemaps Lairs' books, with 3 beautifully-detailed rooms for you to drop into an existing adventure (or to build an entire adventure around, if you are inspired by them), there's the welcome addition of a fully-detailed Bad Guy who may be found there... or for that matter used elsewhere if you prefer.

The three maps presented in this book are a graveyard, an outer balcony or terrace and the mausoleum itself. All seem to be in a fairly poor state of repair, battered and abandoned for a considerable period of time.

The villain provided is Jhntehnn, Ghoul Duke, who was a fighter and tomb robber before he became a ghast - perhaps when investigating this very place (indeed, that's one of the scenario suggestions given - that the characters are hired to find out what happened to the last lot of tomb robbers to visit the mausoleum). As well as full statistics and notes about his special abilities, there is sufficient backstory and tactical information for you to make him come - well, I'd have said 'alive' but that's not quite appropriate for a ghast! - to make him become a real and potent threat your players will remember.

Overall, a nice place you can drop into any campaign - a deserted tomb somewhere little-visited outside town. Either hire the characters to take a look, give them a few rumours (treasure works well here) or just let them come across it when travelling... maybe it's raining so hard that even somewhere as uninviting as this is preferable to lurking under a tree overnight!

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