SKIRMISH TILES: Castle System—Second Level PDF

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SKIRMISH TILES: Castle System is not merely a simple tile system. While you get a bunch of extremely cool tiles that you can use alone or with other SKIRMISH TILES products, you also get some features that take this product out of the ordinary. First, you can assemble the castle tiles in many different ways, to create a different castle each time you use it. Second, the process of arranging the tiles in a castle and printing them is handled entirely through this extraordinary PDF product. The Castle System Designer allows you to easily design your castle by adding the tiles you wish, where you wish on the battle grid with few mouse clicks. Once you have the desired layout, you can hit a button to print only the tiles you need for that layout—awesome! Further, if your castle is complex, you can print a single sheet with the position of each tile on the battle grid. With the Castle System Designer utility, you can compose a castle up to 5.3 x 6.6 feet!

The Castle System series allows you to build a castle from the upper level to the ground floor; the Second Level PDF allows you to build the second level. Each PDF also includes many "alternative" tiles you can use to further customize your castle (a destroyed tower, a drawbridge on fire, and so on). On the game table, you can mix the various levels of the castle allowing your miniatures to go "up" and "down" simply by substituting a tile with the matching tile on the other level. This product contains 25 gorgeous tiles.

NOTE: The Castle System Designer function will only work with Adobe Reader version 6 or 7. You will be limited to viewing and printing tiles with higher versions of Adobe Reader.

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3.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Following on from Skirmish Tiles: Castle System Upper Level, this file enables you to create the 'top floor' of your castle. It works exactly the same way, with a system that lets you select and arrange the tiles you want on a master map and then print out just the tiles you need from the collection of full-size tiles ready for your game.

It's an excellent use of the current heights of PDF technology, and should inspire those who have been hoping for some above-ground maps from 0one (OK, we do have an Inn...) to start designing adventures to make the most of the castle(s) they can create with the Castle System.

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