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The SKIRMISH TILES are 8x5 inches tiles that are suitable for any miniature-based skirmish game.

SKIRMISH TILES, fiendish grounds contains many tiles of "fiendish" inspiration: lava grounds, ice caves with frozen demons, iron fortresses, bloody rivers, pillars of bones and much more. The tiles are fully compatible with SKIRMISH TILES, dungeon rooms set 1.

Each tile shows a superb rendered plain view of a dungeon room or an area without the loss of space due the perspective view. With these tiles you can easily build a battlefield for your miniature game, even printing each one more than once.

The product contains 30 tiles with a black and white, ink saving version of each one, plus three pre-assembled layouts.

The tiles you get:

  • 33- Iron Gate
  • 34- Iron Wall
  • 35- Iron Tower Left
  • 36- Iron Tower Right
  • 37- Artifact
  • 38- Lightning Hallway
  • 39- Blood Pond
  • 40- Blood Stream
  • 41- Frozen Nest
  • 42- Frozen Demon
  • 43- Ice Pond
  • 44- Ice Ruins0one's
  • 45- Ice Ruins02
  • 46- Ice chasm
  • 47- Ice Waste
  • 48- Gate
  • 49- Dread bog
  • 50- Demon's throne
  • 51- Ribcage
  • 52- Lava Pit
  • 53- Lava Spots
  • 54- Skulls' Ground
  • 55- Pillar of Bones
  • 56- Cage
  • 57- Cave of Fire "I"
  • 58- Cave of Fire "L left"
  • 59- Cave of Fire "L right"
  • 60- Cave of Fire "T"
  • 61- Cave of Fire "X"
  • 62- Fire Dragon Aura

The tiles come with three pre-built layouts you can use for quick-setup games.

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